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Increase LinkedIn Traffic With These Tips

June 12, 2019

LinkedIn has grown in popularity over the past few years, particularly in B2B marketing. While this social media platform is well-suited to formal businesses, any business can thrive here if they know how. Social media marketing doesn’t need to be confusing. The main goal is to increase traffic to your page, which in turn increases traffic to your website, and then creates revenue via conversion.

So, how do you get LinkedIn to work for your company to create traffic and conversion? Here are a few tips we’ve compiled on the subject.

Don’t Neglect Your Status

Many LinkedIn users make the mistake of creating an account, adding as many hobbies and skills as they can, and then letting it sit. Social media accounts require social interaction to stay relevant and successful. One way to do this is by updating your status frequently. Letting followers know how you are and what you’re up to encourages conversation and improves engagement.

Try to make a habit of updating this section regularly. Whether you choose to update daily or twice a week, your connections will come to expect it. You might be surprised to learn how many keep tabs on these updates and read them when they appear.

Share Popular Content

As with any other social media account, sharing popular content from your LinkedIn feed promotes readership. If something is trending, you know it’s attracting attention already, and while it might not be your original content, it’s okay to express your opinion about it in a post. This opens the floor for others to chime in with their own thoughts on the subject. Before you know it, people are commenting, liking and sharing your post.

If you’re not sure what’s popular, there are plenty of ways to find out. First, check and see what others in your industry are sharing, what your connections are sharing, and follow this back to the source. You may also be able to find authorities in your industry by doing an internet search.

One thing to remember when considering which popular content to share is not to overthink the informality of it. Just because you run a serious business doesn’t mean all your content needs to be stiff and formal. Social media is about pushing boundaries and having a bit of fun with the content you share. Post a joke, share a meme; it’s all good.

Focus on Your Introduction Card

The introduction card makes a first impression on potential clients and other businesses. It’s the first thing your profile visitors see. The information here should introduce you and your business, supply a status of your current professional life and personal goals and anything else you want people to know about you. This includes hobbies, special skills, experience, and many more essential tidbits which add to your overall visibility.

Using this section is an advantage to you because it works with the LinkedIn algorithm to rank your importance among similar profiles. Many of the special skills, hobbies, and other facts you include count as keywords or tags, which help other users find you based on these categories. Your introduction card is an excellent place to encourage contact. If visitors don’t know you or your brand, this is the space that tells them. This is also the space which provides access to important information about what you’ll offer them in the future.

Use Keywords in Your Headline

It’s not just the introduction card which can be used to increase viewership. Your headline is an asset to your LinkedIn profile as well. This is another location where keywords help increase viewership and awareness. Your brand visibility is often based around keywords in social media. When a customer searches for something like a plumber, lawyer, or doctor, certain keywords help them find what they’re looking for. This includes your location, profession, or any special relevant facts which make your company stand out from others in your field.

The headline is the very first thing anybody sees and it impacts continued interest. A bad headline could mean the difference between a new connection and a lost one. It’s easy to slap up something short and sweet to quickly sum up your profile, but if it doesn’t give a true representation of what potential clients will find there, it won’t be helpful overall.

Include a CTA

Without being overly obvious, a call to action and a link to your official site pushes visitors in the right direction to improve traffic and conversion. You don’t want your social media accounts to seem too salesy, so be strategic in the CTA you choose. For example, if you share content about an upcoming event you’ll be attending, include CTA such as, “to learn more give us a call.” Or, “if you’ll be in the area and want to learn more about our products first, check them out here.”

LinkedIn doesn’t carry the same mass populace as Instagram or Facebook, but that’s part of its charm. Rather than hosting millions of accounts sharing random daily information, LinkedIn hosts accounts which serve a specific purpose for their users. Specialty social media sites like LinkedIn or Pinterest attract a target audience, and fortunately for business owners, it’s an audience you want!

If you have yet to take advantage of LinkedIn and all it offers, it’s never too late to investigate. If nothing else, it adds to your internet persona and increases brand awareness.