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Increasing Your Business, One Pin at a Time

March 6, 2013

While you may still view Pinterest as the DIYer’s and super mom’s place to store recipes and new project ideas, you may want to revisit the new social media platform that seems to making waves in the business world. Pinterest users shop more frequently, purchase more items and spend more money than any other social media network. Unless you’re in the business of not doing business, these seem like people to have in your social media circle.

To get started, it would be to your benefit to first create a personal Pinterest account and use the site as every other pinner there does. This will show you how pins show up, different ways of searching for what you’re looking for, and how one pin can reach thousands of people. Using it yourself, will give you insights on how you can take advantage of keywords, links to your site, as well as seeing what topics are popular and how you can use that to your advantage with your business.

After you feel comfortable as a user, you then should set up a business account. Setting up a business account will allow you to verify your website and easily set up buttons and widgets to make the sharing of your products as easy as one click of a button.

There are some tips to keep in mind when trying to gather your Pinterest following:
1. Blatant advertising is not going to go over well. Don’t just make boards of your products, and or link images to your site that aren’t actually there. Pinterest is a place of fun, keep it light and include personal touches. Creating boards like staff dream vacations and wish lists will allow a user feel little more connected to your brand and the people working there.
2. Every piece of text is an opportunity, from the about section to the description of pins. A lot of companies make the mistake of not using the description to their advantage. This is the best place to engage your customer, use keywords, and even include links to your site. But again, make sure it’s not all business. Speaking the language of your consumer so they feel engaged is going to make the difference in getting an image repined.
3. Play nice. Don’t be afraid to pin images that link to other sites. Pinterest is about the sharing, whether it be products of interest, ideas or just thoughts. And as you are endorsing others, they should in turn be endorsing you.

When it comes to Pinterest, the best thing to keep in mind is don’t over think it and keep the business balanced with a little fun. Check out SEOhaus’s profile if you need some inspiration. The Pinners are ready and willing to spend, so get to pinn’n!

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