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Information on SEO Article Writing

November 11, 2010

With so many SEO companies joining the Internet to write SEO articles, there may be some of them that are not up to par in getting the attention that they need to be successful.  It all has to do with properly using your writing skills the right way.  There are some things that have to be done for SEO article writing in order for the search engine crawlers to pick up the content to help boost the website to the top of the search engine results pages.  There are a few key ways that little additions are going to make a big difference with those crawlers.


One way is properly using the right keywords, which is vitally important.  Keywords change all the time so you will need to be on the ball to keep up with the change- you have to frequently research which words are being searched most often by your target audience.  Also, do not change them when you are writing your article because when it comes down to searching on the Internet, your articles will probably not be there.

Secondly, always provide new information.  Google and Yahoo along with other search engines watch for articles that have something new to add to a topic.  Make it different from your other competitors by being creative and thinking of different ways that yours will be noticed by everyone, whether it is coming up with completely new content or just taking an angle on something that no one has taken before.

Third, think of the thousands of people who will be reading your article.  Give them the information that they need by keeping their attention and providing tips in articles that are in a “how-to” format so they have a better understanding on the subject- you should feel like you really helped them in what they needed.  This is definitely something search engines are looking for.  They want to keep their customers happy and meet or exceed their expectations.

Lastly, when you are writing your articles, make sure you have other words that are similar to your keywords inserted in your paragraphs.  This will also help in getting your article picked up.

Although this is just a tidbit of information on good SEO article writing, that is it basically in a nutshell.  Remember keywords, new information, keeping your audience interested by tips and “how to” formats, and don’t forget to branch out a little bit by including words in your content that are similar to your keywords.