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Instagram For Business

April 24, 2017

Recently Instagram has released its new business tools.  


Instagram is exponentially growing and these statistics regarding Instagram usage are quite extraordinary.  There are 500m+ monthly active users, 300m+ daily active users, 4.2bn likes daily, and 95m+ photos/videos per day.  The significance of these statistics is that by creating an Instagram business profile you have the potential to reach hundreds of millions of users.  Since Instagram’s user base is constantly growing, so is your potential customer base.  No longer are people just posting selfies to share with their friends, but they are also part of a bigger marketplace where businesses now have the opportunity to connect with new customers.


In order to gain access to these tools, business profiles will only be available for Instagram accounts that have their Facebook business profile setup.  This helps with maintaining same payment accounts, and pre-populating one’s business information already set up in Facebook.


One of the new tools are the business ads that include photo, video, and carousel ads (can swipe to see more images and gives an option to be directed to a website).  

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 9.21.08 AM

Ad staging allows you to preview, save, and collaborate on the ad campaigns.  It allows the flexibility of not being forced to post a campaign in order to see what the campaign looks like on the Instagram account.


Once the advertisement is live, Instagram has provided us with the new Ad Insights capability.  Ad Insights allows the user to track the performance of paid campaigns with analytics and it shows the amount of target impressions, current impressions, average frequency, and target demographics.


Not only are there Ad Insights, but there are Account Insights.  These Account Insights help increase brand awareness by tracking engagement, reach, and impressions.  The Ad Insights will help businesses create more relevant content and will allow them to select the best time to post based on where the majority of the users are from.  Business users not only will know the country or state their followers are from, but they will be able to hone into the specific city or town!


Before the business tools were released the only option that Instagram users could engage with a business was by clicking their website usually found in the profile description.  However, now a business profile has a contact button which gives the follower to option to call, email, and find the business on maps.  This further unlocks the possibility of businesses to reach more of the Instagram user base.  Instagram’s goals for these advertisements are to help the business with clicks to website, mobile app installs, website conversions, mobile app engagement, video views, reach and frequency, page post engagement, and mass awareness.


For more information on how to get the most out of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter don’t hesitate to get in touch with our professionals!