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The Internet Marketing Salad

July 31, 2017

“New Year’s day was always crazy. We would sell out of all the produce by the end of the day.”

I was hanging out with a friend on the first day of 2017 as he recalled his days working at Trader Joe’s. It sounded like a madhouse. Truth be told, I was just there the day before with my wife. She had some new food habits in mind. We braved the chaos that is our local Trader Joe’s parking lot, shouldered our way through the isles, and made out with a cart full of veggies that would make any rabbit jealous.

For a lot of people, January means writing down resolutions, committing to new habits, and buying gym memberships. Attacking the upcoming year with renewed focus and rejuvenated intensity is admirable, but most of these resolutions fall flat soon after. February and failed resolutions go together like peanut butter and jelly. For me, it’s simple why: they’re not fun.

Sorry, hummus, but I just like spicy cheese dip more. Kombucha once tried to kill me, I prefer to eat kale when I don’t know it’s there, and I was born with an undying love for pizza. So when my wife tells me that we’re cutting out the goodies, how can I cope with salad after salad after salad? We make it fun.

And that’s how internet marketing is, right? We end the year with an endless stream of articles about the year in review and what’s changing in the new year. We kick off January with resolutions to do this and that, but it all falls to the wayside. What we really need is an internet marketing salad that’s both fun and effective. Here’s to 2017:

Greens – Technical SEO

Every salad needs to start off with a good bed of greens. Whether it’s spring mix, baby spinach, or waterlogged iceberg, this is the base of your salad.

The same can be said of technical SEO. Onsite optimizations and ensuring your site is technically sound sets a strong foundation for driving and converting traffic.

Some things to get you started:

  • Robots file
  • Page speeds
  • Sitemap
  • Mobile usability
  • Search Console profile
  • Metadata
  • Optimized h tags, alt tags, and content

Meat – Content marketing

Unless you are a vegetarian (been there, done that, never again), meat is what makes your salad awesome. It stands out and looks deliciously irresistible. It’s what really gets you excited to chow down. It’s what attracts you.

Effective content marketing works in the same way (except even vegetarians can consume it). This is your chance to catch your users’ attention, invite them in, and keep them coming back.

This year, focus less on just pushing out an endless stream of content and put your energy into creating truly good content and promoting the heck out of it. Posting to your Facebook once or twice doesn’t cut it. You have delicious meat, and people need to know!

Veggies – Email Marketing

What? A salad needs even more vegetables in it? I know, I hear you, but some olives or peppers can actually add some nice flavor. Plus, we need to gobble up those nutrients every day. Consistency is key here.

Email marketing isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it’s also one of the most effective marketing channels. Want to take it to the next level? Take advantage of nurture campaigns, personalization, and proper segmentation to speak to your audience where they are.

Cheese – Social

Even my lactose-intolerant friends love cheese. That’s because it’s delicious, and it transforms an average salad into a tasty treat.

Social media channels offer you a chance to entice users and get them addicted to your brand. When you put out an engaging or interesting piece, people will respond and share your message. Just like how I love talking about the spicy cheese dip I can’t have anymore.

Pro tip: don’t be cheesy with your posts.

Dressing – Paid

It’s the final element and yet so important. Dressing adds flavor and keeps everything from being too dry. There are tons of options to choose, but whichever you like, dressing cannot be passed up.

Whether you are running ads on social media channels, search engines, content promotion networks, or somewhere else, paid search is an important part to any digital marketing strategy.

Have some old dressing in the fridge? It might be time to toss it and bring in something fresh. Make 2017 the year you incorporate more paid channels and figure out what works best for you and your audience.

It’s Chow Time

So as I wrap this up while eating a bag of Lay’s (please don’t tell my wife), my message is simple: an effective digital marketing strategy is holistic.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, be proactive in getting your brand in front of potential consumers and meet them where they are. Some people will prefer more cheese, some like light dressing, and others may throw their vegetables on the floor. Maybe your marketing has been lacking meat, or it’s just been a bowl full of greens.

This is your chance to make a resolution to toss things up and commit to a stronger, healthier marketing plan for long-term success. Plus, have some fun with it!

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