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Is an AdWords Enhanced Campaign for Me?

May 24, 2013

You may have begun noticing the option of upgrading your AdWords Campaign to a “Enhanced” version over the last couple months and wondered what made it different than the every day version your currently using. Is it really necessary to upgrade? While you may just want to stick with what you know, enhanced version is actually going to make your campaigning life a little easier. By the end of July, the Adwords Enhanced Campaign will be the default option for AdWords so let SEOhaus break it down what you can expect:

  • The main purpose of AdWords Enhanced Campaigns is to remove device targeting at the campaign level. This eliminates the current practice of creating “cloned” versions of all campaigns, each targeting a single device (computers/tablets/smartphones) with separate bids, budgets, and text ad messaging.
  • Enhanced Campaign keywords will now target all devices, & tablets & computers are identical with regard to bid and ad copy.
  • Enhanced Campaigns allow advertisers to provide mobile-targeted ad copy and set a mobile bids, separate from computers, tablets, which alters the keyword bid (based on a percentage) for searchers using a smartphone/mobile device. (Mobile bid adjustments can be set between +300 % and -90% of the base bid in the campaign.

The world of search is changing, and Google recognizes your internet marketing needs are too. With mobile searches are growing rapidly, this enhanced version simplifies the process of creating campaigns by no longer making you define who you want to target by the way they search. Sometimes, change is good.

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