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Building a Strong Online Presence with SEO

October 21, 2010

Gone are the days of SEO where you could tweak a little of this and spice up a little of that for results; search engine optimization today is not like it used to be.  It requires analyzing every possible communication vehicle, considering every avenue and exploring every option in order to get it done right, which all requires dedication and patience.  It is essential in today’s virtual world to become visible on as many huge websites as possible and also on as many small niche sites, too.

Even though search engine optimization today involves a lot of intricate details, there are still many aspects of creating a strong online presence that are obvious.  However, these also tend to be things that people overlook rather often, which is a shame because these tasks can really boost your overall online presence and strengthen your SEO campaign.

Video sharing websites are things that can push your SEO efforts up and up.  It is definitely possible these days to launch a fairly cheap video for your company using all kinds of online tools that are available out there.  Even a quick ten-second video can push its way through a lot of video sharing sites and if the video is optimized right it can even show up in the search engine results pages.

Don’t underestimate the power of social networking profiles!  There are many people who do not tap into this source of link building, but having a profile does improve overall SEO efforts.  The link that the profile creates for you allows for communication to search engines like Bing and Google to let them know that you are out there as a business.  Once this happens those search engines will pick up on what you are marketing with your website and how you are doing it, making the search engine gurus smile.

And what about free business profiles?  There are tons of free business profiles that allow users to list their businesses and put up a beefy business profile that has a link to their own websites, which as you know can help increase traffic and help business. 

One more thing you can do to help strengthen your online presence is to use blogs.  If you see a post on a website that is relevant to your business, go ahead and leave a comment that is smart, knowledgeable and relevant.  You want to add to the blog post and strut your SEO stuff a little bit.  There has been rumors that Google will eventually make changes about the benefits of leaving blog post comments, so get your “practice” in now.  Whether the posts send traffic to your website with or without link power they are still beneficial.

To sum it all up, when in doubt go through every possible communication route you can find online for your business.  Some will be easier to implement than others, some will work well and some won’t- however it is important that you take the time and effort to discover every possible angle.  Successful search engine optimization requires that people spread themselves across as many locations as possible for optimum visibility within the industry and any relative or associated fields, too.