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MailChimp Plays On It’s Name in First Campaign

October 2, 2017


Will the real MailChimp, please stand up?

The email marketing service rolled out their “Do You Mean..?” campaign. With now 15 million customers, MailChimp focused on being creative and true to your brand for this campaign.

The campaign idea all started with a mispronunciation of MailChimp during a radio ad MailChimp ran during an episode of “Serial”, the widely-popular investigative journalism podcast. A voice during the 30-second ad named MailChimp as MailKimp, which inspired this whacky slant-rhyming campaign.

Partnering with New York-based advertising agency, Droga5, MailChimp dove deep into a world of related sounds and words:


The first portion of the campaign features “FailChips” which features the forgotten bits of chips at the bottom of the bag and placed into a bag. They feature three flavors: salt & vinegar, jalapeno, and barbecue. They’re available at your local “bars and bodegas” in major US metropolitan cities.


“MailShrimp” is the first of three 60-second YouTube short films in the campaign. This Wes Anderson-style film tells the story of a singing shrimp sandwich with the potential for so much more. You might even find it playing in your local cinema.



The pastel color palate continues in the second short film “Kale Limp”. Dogs made from kale offer a desired dinner  in this flick. This film is also playing in select theaters throughout the country.

A Tumblr page devoted to men sporting crimped hair. This fashion-forward blog showcases a trend that will never go out of style.

MailChimp took 12 nail artists on Instagram and had visitors vote their favorite “contender” in a nail battle for nail champ.


From the directors and producers of “MailShrmip” and “KaleLimp”, the third video installment of the campaign features (you guessed it) an inmate-filled prison Blimp at a teenage girl’s birthday party.

Whale Synth
Ever wanted to speak whale like Dory from Finding Nemo? Me, too. MailChimp provides us with a musical platform that lets you strum waves with your mouse or finger to create different whale noises. It’s a whale of a time.

This portion of the campaign presents a music video with artist-duo, VeilHymn. The interactive video lifts the veil and provides a  behind-the-scenes look of their debut single “Hymn”, exclusively with MailChimp.

Snail Primp
The last installment of the campaign highlights beauty products focusing on the “anti-aging facial using snail secretions”. This page shows a group of spa-goers getting gooey with the nutrient-rich snail secretions. I bet it’s a slow process.

Regardless of its name, we’ll won’t forget about MailBlimp.

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