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Make Your Instagram Videos Count with These Pro Tips

May 22, 2019

Instagram is a major source of income for hundreds of thousands of companies around the globe. With more than 1-billion users as of 2019, Instagram continues to grow, making it a promising enterprise for new businesses. While there are plenty of opportunities to get ahead using Instagram, there is one big problem with the platform: standing out.

With so many users posting photos, videos, hashtags, and more, it can feel impossible to make a name for yourself among the competition. Social media marketing doesn’t work for every business, but don’t let that stop it from working for yours. With a multitude of online tools at your fingertips, why shouldn’t your company profit from the success of Instagram like so many others?

Whether you’re new to the platform or simply struggling to get your account noticed, we’ve got some tips to help you stand apart from others in your industry. The best way to get noticed on Insta? Videos; and here are some major tips to motivate your success.

Video Quality Sends a Lasting First Impression

If there’s one thing Instagram users can’t stand it’s blurry photos, muffled microphones, and grainy videos. This is an age where literally anybody can access high quality images, so you need to make yours count to get ahead. Fortunately, many new smartphones are being designed with this in mind. With professional grade lenses, unique settings, and various filters to choose from – there’s no excuse why your videos can’t look amazing.

Some things to watch for if you’ve been struggling with high-quality video are lighting, sound, and focus. Even with an amazing camera, your video won’t stack up if you can’t see the subject. How can you fix this? Easy.

Step 1: Use natural light to your advantage. The best possible lighting for any video is natural light, and believe it or not, the best natural light is overcast light. Cloudy outside? Grab your camera! We’re serious! When the sun isn’t blaring directly into your camera or over your subject, you don’t need to worry about shadows or squinting, and everything stays beautifully visible.

Step 2: When natural light isn’t available, professional lighting is best. Invest in a few good quality bulbs, bulb holders and reflective lighting umbrellas. It might seem like nonsense, but once you see the difference you’ll understand. Lighting plays a huge part in how well the audience makes out detail in your video.

Step 3: Invest in a microphone. It’s not just lighting you should be concerned with, hearing what’s going on in the video is equally important. Fortunately, if you can’t afford external mics, there are a few workarounds to consider. Voicing over a video once it’s completed is perfectly acceptable depending on the type of video. Obviously, if you’re speaking on screen, you want your audience to hear you, but if it’s a demonstration, film the demo first and then add your voice later.

Brand Your Videos the Way you Brand Your Products: Think of your Instagram videos as one of your products and brand it the same way. It isn’t just some uploaded piece of internet content; it’s a reflection of your company, and it’s making a lasting impression on the public. Use your logo, themed colors, dress for the occasion, and most important: show your customers what they want to see.

This isn’t some random Insta-star posting content to wow random viewers. You’re a company, targeting your content toward an audience who potentially want to become customers. It’s important that all your content, even social media content, is tailored to this crowd. This doesn’t mean everything needs to be stiff and straight-laced; simply, that it needs to be intentionally and created with purpose.

Optimize for Multi-Device Viewing: Remember Instagram is a mobile app by nature, which means that you can’t just share videos from your blog and hope they play right. Everything needs to be perfectly balanced, measured, and coded to fit the screen of a mobile phone, iPad, android tablet, and more. Fortunately, there are some apps and tools online to help you format your videos to the correct size and specification required for Instagram or any other social media site you want to participate in.

If you don’t give your audience material they can view properly, they won’t be coming back for more. This means videos need to fit on screen; they can’t be skewed half off the phone page, leaving viewers turning gadgets this way and that for a clear picture. All that does is frustrate viewers and make it difficult for them to see what they’re sharing with others. This of course results in fewer shares, views, likes and interaction, and in comparison, less traffic and conversion.

Instagram is a wonderful place to display content, grow a brand and increase customer base, only if you use it appropriately. Creating a page and ignoring it or uploading content that doesn’t really connect the customer to your brand will only get you unfollowed. The best way to think about your Instagram account is as a virtual business card. If a potential customer asked for your business card, would you scribble your email and phone number on a used napkin and hope for the best? No, you’d pull out a shiny new matte business card with embossed lettering, your company logo, and all your relevant contact information.

One last tip for the road: be sure to update regularly. Companies who post videos consistently are more likely to see returning followers and viewers liking and responding to content.