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Making the Most of Your SEO with Responsive Design

February 1, 2013

Responsive design. Put it on the list of big things on the SEO horizon you should pay attention to. Like Google +, responsive design is getting a lot of buzz in the internet marketing world but still remains a little unclear as to what it is, let alone how it’s really going to benefit a campaign. Is making yet ANOTHER change to your site worth it? The short answer: you betcha.

To start, responsive design allows a visitor to see the content your site in readable way no matter what device they are using. So, if one viewer is looking at your site on their iPhone and another is viewing it on their laptop, the display of your site will automatically be adjusted so they both can have a visually pleasing/user friendly screen. Gone are the days when you have to do a different web design for the ever growing number of different screen sizes what are popping up.

In addition to giving you the control back on how your site is viewed, responsive design actually does great things for your SEO as well. First and foremost, it gives your site usability points with Google (and points with those guys never hurt). Having a site that is easy for a viewer to read and navigate no matter what device they use is going to cut down on your bounce rate and keep those rankings high. Along with making Google happy, responsive design gives you a great opportunity for link building as well. Every link you get on your main site, is a link for your mobile site as well and with mobile sites still being fairly new, those links are going to go far in mobile searches.

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