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Matt Cutts – Style Icon?

December 20, 2012

Matt Cutts.  Google Chief, tech whiz, style icon??

Matt is the head of Google’s webspam team and has quite an impressive background.  He has degrees in both computer and mathematic sciences, held top level security for the Department of Defense and also wrote the program that filters out adult content for Google.  He joined the giant in 2000.

Since that time we have we have long discussed Matt’s advice on all things Google and SEO.  His advice and direction is about as close as you can get to the inner workings of Google’s algorithm.

But there’s one thing we’ve come to notice….the man is always looking rather trendy.  Whether he’s sporting a goatee beard or donning a pale blue Ralph Lauren Polo, his dress sense is certainly easy on the eyes when listening to algorithms, codings and H1 tags!!

But, from one Webmaster video to the next, there remains something more puzzling than Google’s algorithm itself:

Which Matt Cutts t-shirt is your favorite?  And who does his shopping?

We particularly like the Panda tee, obviously nothing to do with the Panda algorithm 😉

Matt Cutts