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On Page vs. Off Page Optimization

December 27, 2012

When it comes to the SEO, you may have heard the term “optimization” being thrown around but not quite sure how it relates to your business or website. Optimization, in a nutshell, is essentially making sure a site is as recognizable by search engines as it can be.

While most people are at least somewhat aware of what is referred to as “on page” optimization, this just a small slice of the SEO pie. “On page” equals everything that has to do with your page aka your website. Making the most out of your on page optimization starts with picking quality keywords that are also currently realistic and incorporating them into your site in the right places. Your title tags and content are the two places you want to make sure those keywords can be found. Making sure both are relevant and updated are key in getting great results.

Once you have made sure your site is up to date and have incorporated your keywords appropriately, the real work begins with the “off page” optimization. This is also referred to as link building and can be what makes or breaks your success in rankings. Having links from other sites point back to yours is the ideal way to improve where you stand in the eyes of search engines, and it’s best to keep the idea of quality over quantity in mind. As the ever changing game of SEO sometimes makes it difficult to judge what may be considered a quality link, it’s safe to error on the side of relevancy. When creating a back link for your site, ask yourself if the site you are linking is relevant to your business. While it may seem like a slower process, trying to out-smart the system  by creating hundreds of links wherever you can is a non-ranking waiting to happen.

Of course, keeping up to date on the best off-page optimization tactics is our job, so save yourself some stress (and a lot of time) and contact SEOhaus today.