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Our Internet Predictions for 2015

February 15, 2016

Happy (late) New Year! January is always a wonderful time of year! The holidays are over, a new year has come, and you have a fresh start. January is also a time when us bloggers, and people in general, like to pretend to be psychics and predict what’s in store for the year ahead. Here are 5 of our wild internet and SEO related predictions that might cause a giggle or two if they come true, and 5 more serious internet and SEO predictions that may actually seriously come true.

1. Coming off of Kim K’s big “Break the Internet” photo shoot in 2014, Betty White decided to throw caution to the wind, and break the internet even more so than Kim K with a photo shoot of her own (using Miley Cyrus as the photographer) and sadly, things got a little weird and a whole lot of wild, and Betty broke a hip 🙁


2. Facebook decides to change its privacy policy again. This time, to no policy. No privacy whatsoever. You think someone’s watching you in shower? Chances are it’s now Facebook.

3. Amazon makes some big moves in acquisition this year! Amazon decides to buy out Pinterest! Now all those outfits and cool trips you pin, actually get added to your Amazon cart! Shopaholics rejoice!
**Warning: WILL cause mass amounts of spending, putting you in loads of debt. Use with caution**

Sent from paradise


4. The world finds out the true identity of Google. And its… OPRAH! Satellites for everyone!!


5. Robots take over the earth!! And it’s the ATMs that lead the revolution. Start hiding your cash in your mattress, before you never see it again!


All jokes aside. Now on to our more serious, and probable predictions for the Internet and SEO in 2015:

1. Shopping through social media will become even more common. With apps and programs becoming more easily available, your favorite brands will allow you to shop on Facebook and Instagram with just a “like” or a “double-tap”!
(Here is one of those platforms that can help you set up shopping through social media:

2. Pinterest’s new promoted pins that were launched at the very tail-end of 2014, will continue to grow at a fast speed, giving Pinterest a stronghold in the online ad world. eCommerce sites especially should look into this new online paid advertising option.(

3. Many in the field of online marketing believe that the importance of social media to businesses will continue to grow at incredibly fast speeds. With the current major social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc) continuously growing and changing to accommodate the growing number of users, more and more businesses and companies will find that making social media campaigns a priority is necessary. This will help bring in and keep customers, as companies 5 decades ago relied on advertising agencies and the boom of television.

4. The demand for conversion optimization will also continue to grow! Over the last couple of years the emphasis landed on content marketing. But now that that horse has been beat to death, and everyone understands you need good optimized content on your site, as well as used to acquire links, the focus now has shifted to conversion optimization. More and more companies will be on the lookout for skilled or experienced conversion optimization experts! The cost of good marketing and advertising is on the rise and companies will be looking to offset this by improving their conversion rates, the result will be more and more SEO or marketing firms offering conversion optimization as a service.

5. For most businesses, mobile traffic will far surpass organic search traffic. In the age of the iPhone and Android war, it was just a matter of time before mobile traffic surpassed organic desktop traffic. Having a smart phone allows anyone to do a quick search anywhere anytime. In turn, we will probably see Google begin to reward sites that offer a great mobile experience to users. Definitely make mobile optimization a priority in the New Year, and you will have a major advantage over your non mobile friendly competitors.
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So what do all these predictions mean? Well if you haven’t already figured out, those first 5 predictions were just a joke. But those second 5 predictions really do have a high probability of coming true. Keep a look out, keep reading blogs, and keep educating yourself on the industry that is changing every day. Happy New Year from SEOHaus.