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Pinterest: The Unsung Hero of Social Media

November 30, 2018

Pinterest has been around forever, providing tips on hair, decorating, wood working, gifts, and more. The unsung hero of social media, Pinterest connects millions around the world, is used regularly, and links its users back to origin posts on company websites daily. It may not have the street cred of Instagram, Snapchat, or even Facebook, but it can make massive improvements to your online presence and website traffic if you let it.

A slow-moving form of social media, Pinterest isn’t the type of platform you need to check multiple times a day to keep up with friends and relatives, but rather the type of platform you can continue to sort through and view all day long at your leisure. In fact, some users report never closing their Pinterest app or window at all, and simply scanning through craft ideas and “how to” guides as the day progresses.

Why Use Pinterest?

Pinterest may not have the same user count as Facebook, but with 250 million users, you can count on having your content seen by plenty of fresh faces. Unlike Facebook or Twitter which tends to draw users based on referrals or specific poster qualities, Pinterest draws a crowd through content alone. These users are looking for skill sets and unique ideas, rather than photos of celebs or cheeky tweets.

This is the place the world comes to find dog grooming tips, closet organization options, makeup tutorials, and more. Now, with the “Pixie” protocol in play, Pinterest users are getting access to far more relevant and engaging content, selected specifically for them, rather than scanning recycled pins again and again. The Pinterest gang has reported that 37 times more engagement has been noticed since Pixie became an option, even on generally unpopular content which wasn’t drawing attention in the past.

Bringing Interests Together

Unlike many of its brother and sister platforms, Pinterest stands alone as an activity and interest platform in social media. It isn’t about sharing what you had for breakfast today, unless you’re providing a recipe or infographic on how to make it. Pinterest is used for sharing concepts, ideas, tips and tricks. It doesn’t reconnect you with your high school sweetheart from 1989; it reconnects you with the top styles of 1989.

So, how can Pinterest help your brand and business? Whether you’re in the business of a product or a service, there’s bound to be something you can share with Pinterest to bring in interested followers who want to know what you know. Own a plumbing company? An infographic or step by step post on unclogging a backed-up sink DIY style could be just the thing hundreds are looking for on a Saturday afternoon. Not only will this create more followers on your Pinterest page, but it will draw users into your official website, creating traffic and improving your SEO.

What is Pixie Doing to Help?

Pixie is much like the Google search feature which offers suggestions at the bottom of a search based on your keywords. For example, if you’re searching Pinterest for a fishtail braid, it might recommend French braids, waterfall braids, and other relevant hairstyles. At first these suggestions will be fairly general, but as you continue selecting specific styles, it can narrow this down to avoid posts with basic braids or ponytails, and instead offer up the more advanced braids you’re looking to try.

This is great for businesses who offer specific products, such as specialty kitchen appliances. Pinterest users searching for tips on cutting apples will see knives and food processors and as they narrow down their search, they might get shown pictures of your new duo corer and slicer tool. This brings users to your website, again increasing traffic and assisting with your overall SEO. The tool is said to provide more than 10-billion different pin recommendations daily, giving your product, post, or service a good chance at being featured to those interested in trying out what you sell.

Pinterest and Other Social Media

Even if you don’t choose to use Pinterest to create advanced boards of pins relevant to your business, and offer up pins of your own, you can use Pinterest to build and increase following numbers on other social media accounts. On your user page you can link your website, your Facebook and more, bringing together your world of social media online presence for all to see.

The more users who follow you, read your profile and visit your site, the more likely it is that they’ll gain interest in what you’re offering and want to take part in promotions and events you post to other social media. Photo contests on Instagram, like and share promotions on Facebook, and tweet about you on Twitter. This is a great way to pad your social media campaign without breaking the marketing budget or adding too much extra work for yourself.

One of the best things about a Pinterest account is that you can use content you’ve already posted to other social media accounts or your website. Make sure you spice it up with some artistic presence, be it photographs, a video, or as a useful infographic. Without the need for another writer, your Pinterest game will take far less time and money to foster than your original social media presence may have on other accounts.

The most important thing to remember when using Pinterest? Have fun. If you’re having fun with your posts and content, your consumers are more likely to have fun reading them, following them and sharing them with others.

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