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Respectable SEO Firms Should NOT Promise Search Engine Rankings

May 9, 2013

I’ve gotten so many questions on this topic lately that I wanted to address the situation that SEO companies out there are claiming “guaranteed rankings.” Any respectable SEO company knows that you can’t determine the future and what Google will do to you. Google is an ever-changing industry. I mean, Google wasn’t the same person as it was a year ago and I’m sure you weren’t either.

You want your company to be on the #1 position of Google when you type in a keyword phrase. Well to do that, SEO companies have different strategies on how to get you to page 1. Some of the less-honest SEO strategies can get you up there in “one month” or “two months” or “three months.” But, most-likely your website will not stabilize in those positions.

A quick way to get your website visible on page 1 of Google is to create thousands of backlinks in a short period. Google link authorities will say, “So how did you get up there so quickly?” and realize that your website is over-optimized and/or over-link- building and then they say, “I don’t think this company is trustworthy.” There’s also a possibility that Google will put you on time out, in a corner with a dunce hat on you, or the technical term also known as putting you in the sandbox.

We all have to understand that Google wants our help to sort out billions of websites for them. SEO firms help Google to create relevant pages and relevant searches. The end results in successful searching. Google needs our help, but they need us to do it right. Google is constantly giving us tips and suggestions by the one and only Matt Cutts who is the head of the web spam team at Google.

There are 3 big tips in order for a successful campaign:

  1. Relevancy means to make sure your keywords and website are relevant to one another. An example is that you can’t rank for “dogs” if you sell “dog toys.” If you type in “dogs” you’ll notice actual dogs and not toys for dogs.
  2. To be unique means to make sure you are different from all the other companies out there that you’re competing with. Make sure you have unique content from yourself and other competitors. Try to have something unique about your company to stand out from the rest.
  3. You want to have a natural flow – of well, everything. You want to sound natural in the content you provide – don’t overstuff your keywords. You also want to run natural links towards your website. Don’t go wasting effort on too many backlinks or too many keywords.

That takes us into quality vs. quantity. Higher quality links is better than higher quantity of links. Higher quality of optimized keyword content is better than higher quantity of keywords in the content of your web page. One higher quality website is better than a higher quantity of mediocre websites.

To conclude, guaranteed results means the company may be doing something fishy. We’re here to walk you through the process of SEO, and how we work with you to get your page visible in Google’s eyes.

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