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Resubmitting XML Sitemap (to GWT) After Fixing Crawl Errors

April 5, 2012

If you ever log into your Google Webmaster Tools account and notice that Google has experienced some crawl errors, it would be a good idea to fix them ASAP. When Google sends their spider bots to your website and finds errors, it not only causes the bots to crash into dead ends, it prevents them from continuously crawling your website. No one really knows how much time the bots spend on your website, but if they run into errors, it’s pretty certain that it’s less time than if your website’s navigation was flowing smoothly. To top it off, it’s makes them mad; so mad they report it to Google.

So if you see any crawl errors in your dashboard, fix them!

What Causes Crawl Errors?

There are many reasons why crawl errors happen. They include;

  • old pages being removed
  • technical restraints
  • robots.txt disallowing
  • and many more

The Solutions

There are only a couple solutions to fixing your crawl errors.

  1. Put a page back at the location of the URL that causing errors
  2. Or, 301 redirect old (error) URL to new most relevant (live) page/URL

Sometimes, it’s a CMS or server conflict that requires troubleshooting. But 90% of the time you have to do either of the 2 solutions above.

Now that You’ve Fixed the Errors..

Once you’ve cleaned up the errors with either of the above 2 (or 3 solutions), you have to let Google know that those errors have been fixed.

You can do this by selecting the URL’s and clicking “Mark As Fixed” under the Crawl Errors section of GWT. (Next time Google returns to your website, they will confirm that they are no longer running into errors by removing the number of errors.)

After you’ve marked errors as fixed, go to the sitemaps section of Google Webmaster Tools and click “Resubmit Sitemap”. At the very bottom of the page, it will say “No Errors Found

Viola! You’ve fixed the crawl errors and officially notified Google about these fixes. Now the crawl bots can freely (and happily) crawl your website and let Google know about all of your great content (that they may not have been able to access before).