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Rise of the Android Operating System

October 19, 2012

     Next time you are in line somewhere take a look around, everyone has their mobile device in front of them checking times, running applications, and connecting with their friends through social networks. Until a few years ago Apple dominated the market with their iOS based iPhone, but now a new contender has arrived. With over 500 million devices worldwide and an additional 1.3 million activations per day, meet the Android Operating System, powered by Google.

Unveiled in 2007 the Android OS is Google’s new Linux based operating system taking aim at the Smartphone market share Apple has enjoyed for so long. As of 2nd quarter of 2012 Android owns 56% of the Smartphone market and continues to grow with each new activation. But what makes them so special?

      Apple has become famous for the layout of their interface. Most people are familiar with the “application format” of the home screen and the ability to arrange icons, download applications etc.. The Android OS has taken this a step further, developing their operating system to mirror that of a familiar PC operating system. The Android user enjoys a standard file management system with the ability to save a file in one app and grab it from another, as well as download a music file in Dropbox and have it seen by the Music app. In other words, it functions similar to files in Windows or Linux.

     With the rise of tablets and further Smartphone development more people have been turning to the Android OS to better manage files and applications on their mobile device. One key factor in Apple’s success is that users typically agree that the iOS is easier to use and overall has less issues than its counterpart. It’s aesthetic has also seemed easier on the eye.

     With Google financing the Android OS and Apple driving the development of iOS we find ourselves front row in a battle between two giants. First we had Apple dropping Google maps and using their own system – only to face a barrage of complaints that Apple’s mapping was wildly incorrect. Then to add another blow, Samsung delivered a TV spot mocking what seems to be, people queuing outside an Apple store waiting to get the next ‘big thing’ in a Smartphone. If you have a minute spare, this video pokes fun at the whole situation on how Android has always been, the next big thing.

Welcome to the world of Android, powered by Google!