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RSS Feed Twitter for SEO friendly links

November 1, 2010

Twitter can be optimized for SEO and could actually help increase rankings.  The best way to do this is by “burning” the Twitter feed using RSS sites.  By using RSS, people can subscribe to your posts (and in this case Tweets) and get instant feeds sent to them. Just like a blogger would use RSS feeds to increase their popularity with search engines and help draw traffic to their blogs, you can use RSS feeds to do the same for said Twitter account. 

We have a network of sites we can submit the RSS feed and there are many lists that exist that we can submit the twitter RSS feed for  It’s important to have a link inside the body of the tweet.  This is what’s gets picked up by many different sites and creates the SEO effect needed to help increase rankings.

Picking a user name:  Choose a user name (not your real name) that uses the keyword within the name.  So for example, you can be “ExampleSiteKeyword” which would help get some display on Google for that keyword.

Title the Twitter URL: You can title the Twitter URL to be SEO friend. (It users the user name)

Bio: Once again – this will help if created to be SEO friendly.  You only get 160 characters for your bio – so use keyword enriched terms to help your campaign.