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Rumors, Lies, Truth? Reputation Management and YOU

November 1, 2010

I don’t want to admit it…I love, love, love celebrity gossip. Celebrities face a truth that all publicity is good publicity. Let’s briefly touch on Mel Gibson’s crazy rants from early 2010 and now the rumor that he will be in Hangover 2. Whether or not he will have a cameo in this movie (whose prequel earned $467 Million worldwide in 2009), we are no longer talking about Oksana and her dental reports. This might be an easy fix for Mel and his fellow celebrities but not so easy for others: business owners.

From the HuffingtonPost: “Google’s ubiquity as a research tool has given rise to a new industry: online identity management. The proliferation of blogs and Web sites can allow angry clients, jealous lovers or ruthless competitors to define a person’s identity. Whether true or not, their words can have far-reaching effects.”

Reputation Management is a difficult process, you cannot erase negative publicity. We encounter several clients monthly who need help attacking bad reviews that are drastically affecting business. The process is timely and frustrating. The strategy: push up the positive and push down the negative.

With information at our fingertips many of us have become trained to not only find the business that offers the product or service we need but also attract us to the readily accessible reviews. All of a sudden the word-of-mouth marketing that used to be a great tool for all local businesses due to a trusted referral from a friend or family member has grown to include the entire internet community. Who doesn’t look up a restaurant or hair salon on and before making a reservation or appointment?

xoxo SEOGossip Girl