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SEO and Link Baiting

November 30, 2010

This week I would like to talk about the term link baiting. This term has been used in many a forum and many different successful search engine optimization companies incorporating it into their campaigns and seeing dramatic results. Link baiting is really nothing more than a blanket phrase that is used to describe a number of tools SEO companies use to drive one way links to a specified spot or page of any website being optimized. Most of the bait that is created consists of blog posts that break news of the day or some type of outlandish topic that a curious user might click on.

Link bait: The new SEO buzzword for doing something that makes or generates a lot of links is under the mistaken notion that the back links they will be able to win are those that they will have to actually pursue. Link baiting, or the process of winning links from other sites, is another website promotion strategy that is proving to be helpful to say the least. Search Engine optimization is undoubtedly one of the ways to promote a website or weblog on the internet.

The process of hunting out links is a process we can put to the side because with link baiting, it brings these links to you through your unique blog post or some other avenue that can drive visitors and links to the site that is being optimized. Sometimes it seems like Internet techies have their own language and terminology and this is one of those times. Loads of articles have been written on Link Baiting that are naturally attracting back links and working well for some that put the effort forth. Nevertheless, link baiting is an important element of SEO and could make all the difference in the effectiveness of strategic SEO overall.