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SEO Software – A Quick Guide

January 8, 2013

A cursory search on Google for “SEO software” brings up countless results. Many of these websites offer services that promise “guaranteed top 10 rankings on Google”. SEO neophytes must approach such claims with caution. While top 10 rankings on Google are far from unachievable, one must keep in mind how competitive a particular keyword is on Google and the online presence of the other competitors in the top 10.

One of the ways Google determines the relevancy of a site is based on the number of backlinks (links from other web sources that point back to that specific site). An important aspect of SEO is building these links. There are companies out there that offer automated link building software but be aware that 1) Backlinks must be quality i.e. any sites that point to your site must be relevant to your site’s focus and also be legitimate and non-spammy and 2) Backlinks must be established organically and built up over time, or else Google will perceive the activity as spammy and potentially knock your site down in rankings. Automated link building software is often outdated, left unmonitored and goes against these Google guidelines.

There is free SEO software out there that is helpful. Majestic SEO allows you to see the number of backlinks your site has, as well as your competitors’. SEMrush is another url that offers a good analysis of your site. Of course, let’s not forget Google, who provide Google Analytics, Google AdWords and Google Webmaster Tools, all of which offer essential reports and tools to track and make changes from an SEO standpoint.