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SEO Trends to Watch in 2019

August 8, 2018

2018 brought many changes to the world of SEO, including a few new algorithm evolutions through Google. 2019 will still use many of these newly implemented tactics, but search engine optimization experts are also suggesting there will be more. This is especially true for websites which include any of the recently banned materials, such as firearms or any type of fake news stories. It isn’t just the way that Google ranks optimized content, but the way that they rank poorly constructed or taboo content which will push your ranking to where it ought to be in 2019.

If you own a business, website, or ecommerce platform of some kind, 2019 could be your year to shine. Whether you’re just learning about SEO or you’ve been trying to conquer it for years, here’s what you need to know about the next wave.


Voice Search

Voice search has been around for a while, but due to home virtual assistant devices like Amazon’s Alexa, Samsung’s Bixby, and Google’s Google Assistant, many are now using voice to make a multitude of searches. From movie trivia to cake recipes and even online shopping, there’s been a spike in voice search that’s never been seen before. Experts are reporting that 2019 will be the year of voice search, and that the voice search algorithm may change and supersede text search in some ways.

How will this affect your current keyword strategy? The way that people talk and the way that they type are different. You may notice this even when texting a friend vs. calling them on the phone. When texting, you use shorthand, you might type, “hey dinner at my place 9pm”, while talking you could say, “hey we’re having a dinner party tonight, we’re serving spaghetti and it starts at 9, can you come?”

Due to the differences in talking and typing, Google is seeing an increase in what is formally known as “long tail keywords”. These keywords are longer and include more information than the simple keywords we’ve been taught to use in the past. Voice search forces website owners to re-evaluate their current SEO game plan and create a new one based on the possibility of these long-tailed keywords. It’s recommended that you include both types of keywords in your site if possible, while still retaining a genuine feel. If keyword stuffing is suspected, there will still be repercussions, or at least that’s what’s being predicted for next year as of now. Only time will tell for certain.


Virtual Assistant Searches

VA search is synonymous with voice search, but it’s important to note that some tools may use different platforms, making it more important than ever to create relevant content which will work on a variety of search engines. Remember that each VA is created by a different company, and some of those companies are in competition over more than just artificial intelligence. Amazon and Google, for example, have their own algorithms and search types. Depending on whether you’re trying to shop online or find the name of an actor on your favorite show will determine which search method is used.

Research suggests that in 2019 VA and voice search will comprise of 50% of online searches, making it a worthy opponent to the traditional text search. While many homes still don’t use the Amazon Echo or the Google Home systems, these AI bots are programmed into mobile devices, such as phones and tablets. From Siri to Bixby, there’s nowhere you go without AI at your fingertips.


Amazon Search Optimization

Amazon uses a different search algorithm than Google does; it’s called A9, and while it has the same basic concept, there are a few differences. Amazon isn’t a search engine used for finding information on websites around the world; instead, it’s used for internal searches within the pages of Amazon. These searches are based on consumer needs, business offerings, and products. Therefore, keywords and content is vastly different than the content Google bots use to rank a page.

Experts are suggesting that ASO will be crucial in 2019 as Amazon has been gradually climbing the web ladder of success. With the kindle, Alexa, and Prime on their roster, Amazon is used by millions for various reasons. From e-books and movies to shopping and music, it’s become a necessity in homes around the world and has made itself indispensable to many.

Amazon doesn’t apply to all business SEO, but if you sell a product, including books, music, movies, and television shows, Amazon optimization may become an important aspect of your 2019 marketing strategy. There’s always a chance that the popularity of Amazon could wane, but with its current trajectory, it doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere but up.


There are many more trends to watch for in 2019, and web owners should continue with many of the strategies already being implemented. Watching Google’s official page for updates on algorithm changes will help you stay on top of ranking changes as they are made. As for Amazon, their algorithm is a little less advertised, making it difficult to know exactly what the company is looking for. One thing you can count on is that genuine content, consistent consumer reviews, and carefully placed keywords will keep you well above the competition. Avoid content which resembles spam, stuffing too many keywords into one space, and ignoring customer reviews. By interacting with customers, even when reviews are negative, you have the opportunity to turn bad press into good press.