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Simple Steps to an Effective Press Release for SEO

November 13, 2010

Every day you have the opportunity to start making use of the Internet and have it work for your website.  One of the easiest and most often overlooked strategies for effective SEO is writing press releases.

The difference between search engine optimization and good search engine optimization is simple:  you make the Internet a workhorse for your SEO campaign instead of working to feed it day after day, week after week.  The great thing about a good press release is that you can target it to your audience, and where the dissemination stops is anyone’s guess- you could see it in mainstream media or trade journals if it is deemed to be really, really important.  Now, that’s SEO!

You never want to send out anything that looks boring or something that is just fluff kept warm with a blanket statement.  It is important that you have enough confidence in your newsworthy material to be able to write compelling, interesting news about it.  To draw people in to the press release and ultimately the site for which you are writing it, you have to start with a dynamic headline.  The more people you have reading your press release, the more people you are going to have who will pick you up and link to your site.

Here is a tip:  Always remember that a press release is news.  All good news stories answer Who, What, When, Why and Where- as well as How.  You are not writing to advertise or market- however, you DO want to research the SEO keywords that are associated with the website you are writing for and make sure that you fit them in naturally- never stuffed or forced. 

Don’t forget the boilerplate at the end of your press release- include the name of your company, your own name and phone number, and your Web address and email address.  You do want people to find it as simple as possible to get in touch with you if they wanted to.

Press releases are some of those things that can quickly filter through distribution networks and people of importance, or they could fizzle out just as quickly like a spent sparkler going into water on the Fourth of July.  If it does not contain news-worthy material, it is as good as garbage and won’t even get published.  However, if everything falls into place just right, and the keywords are there along with newsworthy content, an attractive title and engaging body details, there is no telling how many links to your site you could end up with, which of course would have a significant impact on the success of your SEO campaign.