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Simple Tips on Being a Good SEO Writer

November 22, 2010

These are some tips that I have found useful in order to be a good SEO writer.  There is always opportunity to become better at something that you would really like to achieve; especially when it has something to do with your career.  There are plenty of jobs that could use some really good SEO writers in their company.  Fortunately, there are people that have been doing this for years and really have good ideas if you would like to explore this opportunity.  These are just some tips that I have learned along the way when working with search engine optimization in articles.

·     Write for your audience.  Try not to get too technical or the audience will not understand you. Write about something that will draw attention to your article that people will want to read about that has some value that you can be proud of.  It’s all about being creative and letting your writing flow and not stressing about your keywords.  You can always fit those in later.  It’s important to focus on your readers and stay with one topic and not drift onto other things.

·     When you are about to write a new article, it will come naturally as you are writing it. Sometimes it can be really difficult starting a new article; especially the first sentence.  Start writing down your thoughts of your topic and the article will start flowing and you can always make changes as necessary.  It will get easier once you start writing a bunch of articles.

·     If it comes to the point that you have a writer’s block on an article, step away from it for a while. Your brain needs refreshing.  You will be surprised when you come back to it how all of a sudden, you are able to write about that topic again.  It happens to all of us.  Our brain can only take so much and needs a nap.

·     When I have finished writing an article, I like to read it out loud.  That way I can hear how it sounds and if I don’t like what I am hearing, I can fix it.  There’s always room for a little improvement when structuring your sentences.  It may just be missing one little word so that it will make sense. It’s even better if someone else reads it so they can let you know if the article makes sense and if it was interesting to them.

·     Make sure you use your spell check and thesaurus.  They are great tools to have when you are writing articles so you have no spelling mistakes and are not overusing any words.

Again, these are just a few simple tips to start writing SEO articles.  It’s pretty basic along with common sense, but sometimes we forget that it can be simple.  We just need to take a step back and realize that we can write great articles.