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Snapchat Geofilters for Your Small Business

July 17, 2017

Snapchat Geofilter gif

Although deemed a trend (think Pokemon Go), Snapchat has stayed the course and now is a prominent platform in advertising and marketing. The Snapchat sponsored Geofilters have become a staple feature within the app, providing an inexpensive platform to reach your audience.

Why Snapchat?

Based on Snapchat’s Internal Data, Snapchat says in the US:

A sponsored Geofilter typically reaches 40% to 60% of daily Snapchatters.

Snapchatters now watch over 10 billion videos per day, up 350% from last year.

Snapchat has now surpassed Twitter in daily users and Snapchat continues to develop features that are being replicated in other social outlets (Instagram Stories).  Even my Mom uses Snapchat nowadays… Leveraging Snapchat for your business gives you the opportunity for your customers to be your brand ambassadors. Hosting a happy hour?  Product launch?  Promotional event? For as little as $5, your Geofilter can span 20,000 square feet for a few hours.


Snapchat for Small Business

While at Petco Park in San Diego, we found this city checklist. Now, we recommend a Geofilter that covers only a portion of the screen, but there’s an opportunity to feature your brand that relates to the demographic in your area and sends them to your location.

Contact BrightHaus to create a Snapchat Geofilter campaign for your business

“Come to Freddy’s Taco Shop and stuff your face with a California Burrito” or “Rent a Surftastic board and catch a wave this weekend!” Maybe incorporate a scavenger hunt around in your city and include your business as one of the stops.

In the San Diego area, Estrella Jalisco utilized this Geofilter to celebrate the Mexican Independence Day on September 16.


Estrella Jalisco Snapchat Geofilter

Try setting two different Geofilters in your area and have customers promote you and your products. Let your followers advertise your brand. Build awareness, impressions and bring people to your business.

Geofilters and Snapchat SEM


Snapchat acquired mobile search startup, Vurb, last year and just recently added a search function within the app. Users can now search for publishers, content and fellow users. Capitalize on the search engine marketing potential for your business within Snapchat.

Creating Geofilters will help your business engage with your target demographic.

Reach out to BrightHaus and we’d be happy to develop a Geofilter strategy to further engage with your target audience.