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Social Media and Networking

November 23, 2010

Social Media and Networking programs like Twitter, Facebook , and Foursquare have changed the way many people connect ,reach out and communicate with one another.

These programs are also transforming the way SEO strategists run their clients campaign. Just recently Facebook and Bing announced an agreement that would allow the search engine to return results and page rankings based on the amount of Facebook “likes” of the searcher’s friends. Another main staple search engine, Google has also recently begun reaching out to Social Media and Networking sites in order to help with the ranking of pages. Google has begun to include Twitter updates in its search returns. Thus the search engine’s results are customized to each searcher’s specific Social Media tracks.

Search engine optimization does not focus solely on organic search engine results like it did many years ago. The emergence of Bing, Google Local, paid searches and new Google algorithms has kept the SEO industry ever changing. The goal — of putting clients at the top of results pages — remains the same but the method to achieving this overall goal changes. Social Media and Networking are just a few of the new ways of attaining the clients overall goal of getting atop the Google rankings.

What does this mean for SEO professionals and their campaigns for clients?

It means that SEO strategists will have to continue to transform to the ever-changing World Wide Web and the search engine algorithms. SEO companies will need to integrate social networking into their campaigns and continue to evolve along with the changes in search engines in order to ensure searchers get the results they need.

This won’t be the last change in the way SEO strategists attain first page rankings, it’s just another way to get favorable results. SEO is an ever-changing industry and so this emergence of Social Media and Networking as a means to rank pages is just another change in the method used to get clients atop the rankings. SEO professionals will continue to adapt to meet the ever-evolving needs of this industry