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Start Generating New Leads with These 3 Tricks

January 8, 2019

Gone are the days when all marketers required were white papers. Modern consumers are looking for more, especially though social media avenues, which leads many business owners to creative methods of advertising and lead collection. One of the best ways to collect leads is through updates and opt-ins which require the user to offer up a lead magnet when accepting said upgrade or content item.

While this makes lead generating a process more easily accessed by any business, big or small, it’s also made it a far more competitive area than it used to be. Every small business is a tiny fish in a big pond, which means taking every opportunity to catch the eye of potential investors and consumers.

If you’re worried your company isn’t generating enough leads, or that your current tactics are falling flat, here are 3 tips to get you on the right track.

1. Make Them Happy with an Appy: Consumers love free things, this includes ebooks, but everybody knows the real moneymaker is the app. Mobile devices have taken over as the main method of internet talk and search, and having an application for your business or service which can be conveniently launched from an iPhone or Android device is the perfect way to gain unique ground in an ocean full of competitors.

A great additional feature to an app is that while it’s free to download, you could include in-app features which are paid. Downloadable content, online shopping and more, can all take place through your app and give your clients access to your business at the touch of a button.

2. Take Your Business Live: Everybody and their dog is trying live video feed from platforms like Facebook, but is it enough to get you noticed as a force to be reckoned with in your industry? A great way to stand above the rest is to take your business live in a different way. Webinar series’ are creative ways to interact with your customers, provide a service while simultaneously offering a glimpse into your “real world”, and get people excited about what you have to share.

Of course, to host a webinar you must have something worth teaching which will bring viewers to click your links. Use skills based on your business to create a game plan for your webinar including script plot points. A plumber, for example, might create a webinar based around bathroom care with the first episode aimed at proper toilet plunging, and the final episode focusing on snaking tub drains. A car mechanic could create a webinar on changing brake pads, an artist could choose to film step by step painting instructions. The sky is the limit with this type of project, and turning it into a series means several episodes and more clicks, views, shares, and lead generating traffic.

Webinars are strong business tools because they still fall squarely within the “serious business” framework. It’s fun and creative, but not too outside of the box to be appealing to those in more serous professions. Many webinars see a turnover rate of 75-85% and an increase in newsletter and video subscriptions.

3. Tried and True Technology: Finally, why change a good thing? Some older methods of lead generation are still well and moving, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Don’t discount winning tactics such as automated e-mails and newsletters when planning your new traffic conversion plan. Instead, work hard to evolving your email system into a well-oiled machine.

Sending too many or too little in the way of email messages can be detrimental to your lead campaign. An email every day is too many, but an email only once a week might be too few. Keep your brand in the forefront of people’s minds with plenty of links and relevant news by sending emails twice a week. Determine what your target audience is and when might be most convenient to send and have them delivered for that time. Maybe you’ve got mainly older consumers on your mailing list. Retired men and women tend to pack it in earlier and wake up earlier, so an early morning email might be just the ticket to get noticed.

It’s not just how many emails or when you send them that matters, however, it’s also the length of emails and the content inside. To make your emails look more relevant, larger amounts of content is helpful. With long-winded pieces, however, be sure to break things up with creative and eye-catching headings, links and other interactive features, and some form of visual tool, such as an embedded video or graphic.

Generating leads sounds like the old way of looking at marketing campaigns, but the truth is, it’s timeless. Every company needs leads, whether it’s by word of mouth or social media share. New businesses and established businesses alike can benefit from the above ideas, but they certainly aren’t the only methods to try.

By working closely with a marketing manager or search engine optimization company you can gain insight into more useful ways to increase leads and see follow-through on traffic. It isn’t enough that your social media feed brings 100 new shoppers to your website if they leave without buying or contacting your company. Therefore, analytics are an important part of lead building as well. They help you see what isn’t working and what is so that you can tweak your methods, build on a current plan, or start from scratch. However you choose to build leads, keep track of your successes.