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Stock Photos: When Free Isn’t Too Good To Be True

July 10, 2017

Everyone loves free. For freelancers and marketers like us, it is free apps, free fonts, free Chrome extensions and free stock photos. But what comes to mind when you hear the term “stock photo,” let alone free?

Probably a group of people in a well-lit conference room working.’ Or a woman enjoying her salad a little too much. Or something so bizarre, you’re unsure what to think. Whatever the case may be, most stock photos, if they are not completely unusable, are so uninspiring that they suck the life out of the content they are accompanying. I am looking at you, Mr. Innovation.

Believe it or not, stock photos are not all pictures of models with cheesy smiles on a white background. There are ways to access legitimately high-quality stock photos without all of the hassle. You just have to know where to look!   

Here’s a list of the best free stock photo websites – perfect for designers, marketers, and just about everyone else:



Unsplash is a collection of free high-resolution photos that look like they were taken by your coolest Instagram friend. The website is updated every 10 days with 10 new photos that you can do whatever you want with, as they say.

Every single gorgeous snapshot is completely free and easily downloadable. The best part? No fake smiles or awkward poses!



Pexels compiles all the best free stock photos from multiple sources in one place which simplifies the image searching process.

The photos tend to resemble the traditional ‘stock photo’ scene, but Pexels’s pictures have high quality and are visually appealing—even in the most boring settings. The collection has thousands of high-resolution free stock photos with a new selection added each and every week!



Pixabay is one of the most impressive, free stock photo websites and has easily become a favorite resource for bloggers and marketers alike. Choose from Pixabay’s collection of high-quality photos and publish them for personal or commercial use. An added bonus: they also provide a selection of free vector graphics and illustrations too!

Death to Stock

Death To Stock

Death to Stock Photos aims to help brands, bloggers, and other freelancers create rich digital experiences with real life scenery that’s more authentic than your average stock photo.

The photos are absolutely 100% free. Simply submit your email and enjoy a themed pack of quality images delivered to your inbox every month. No catch.



Designer, Ryan McGuire, recognized the need to find quality, high-resolution photography and wanted to give back to the design community by offering the images he takes — for free!

Gratisography is a source of beautiful images, beautifully shot. Straying away from your normal stock photography, the site provides brilliant photos while mixing in comical ones to break up the collection. The selection of images and their versatility is what makes Gratisography such a treasure for marketers like us!

These free stock photo websites may not cover all your photo needs, but it is the start to help captivate your audience and help them understand the great content you have created for them. Happy searching!