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Improve Your SEO Campaign – Your Backlinks

Have a healthy backlink profile Checking the backlink profile of a client / potential client should be standard practice right now. We are no longer solely focusing on the number of backlinks that are there, but also on the ratio of positive vs. damaging. Unfortunately, the best way to get this sorted is to use […]

Matt Cutts Announces New Link Reports in Webmaster Tools

On August 8th, Google announced the addition of the Manual Action Tool in Google Webmaster Tools. This week, they have also announced another update to the way in which links are reported. It seems that Google is attempting to supply webmasters with the means to clean up their act—should they need to. Last week, at […]

20 Link Attributes Based on Google’s Reasonable Surfer Model

In my last post, I referenced Google’s Reasonable Surfer Model when discussing website submissions. For those of you that are not aware of Google’s link patent based on the reasonable surfer model you should look into it. The patent can be found here &  here. In short, not all links are created equal, even if […]

How Does SEO Work?

From optimizing meta tags to keyword placement, there is a lot of talk on this blog that covers the ins, outs, and intricacies of Search Engine Optimization. However, as we find ourselves at the beginning of a New Year, perhaps now is a great time to return to fundamentals and discuss a pretty important question: […]

SEO Software – A Quick Guide

A cursory search on Google for “SEO software” brings up countless results. Many of these websites offer services that promise “guaranteed top 10 rankings on Google”. SEO neophytes must approach such claims with caution. While top 10 rankings on Google are far from unachievable, one must keep in mind how competitive a particular keyword is […]

On Page vs. Off Page Optimization

When it comes to the SEO, you may have heard the term “optimization” being thrown around but not quite sure how it relates to your business or website. Optimization, in a nutshell, is essentially making sure a site is as recognizable by search engines as it can be. While most people are at least somewhat […]

1,000 Ways to Build Backlinks

On top of having great on-page content and website optimization, backlinks are extremely imperative to a successful marketing campaign. Whoever has the most legitimate backlinks wins on Google’s search engine. The best way to obtain high quality links is to have a really good site everyone in your niche wants to link to; whether it’s […]

Is Removing Bad Links Worth It?

Recently, a few potential clients asked if we offered “backlink removal services“. They felt their last SEO companies have been doing detrimental link building resulting in dropped rankings. And one of the requests they have for us is if we can remove the link the past SEO’s have gotten them. While bad links could be […]

We’ve Updated Our SEO Tools Page

We’ve added more tools to our SEO Tools page. We also replaced old, broken tools ones with new or more advanced ones. If you work in the search engine marketing field, you can appreciate a page dedicated to all the tools you need. There’s link building tools, SEO analysis tools, domain registry tools, and more. […]

How to Avoid Google SEO Penalties: Following JC Penny and Black Hat Search Optimization

The whistle’s been blown on JC Penny, which apparently has a guerrilla SEO team working under management’s radar using classic black hat SEO tactics to maintain their top positions in Google’s search engine results page rankings. On February 13, the New York Times opened up this rather large can of worms with a lengthy article […]