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Bing Rankings Need Love Too

Google has ruled our ranking efforts for quite some time now, and for good reason. With almost 70% of the search market share, it has had us jumping at its every request for quality, quality, quality. While I don’t think anyone is disputing the fact Google does bring in the most traffic (and quality is […]

Bing It On – The Real Results!

Amid a large TV campaign, is working to prove that ‘’ is worth much more than it’s all time high of 16.7%, which pales in comparison to Google’s mighty 67.5%.  A tall order indeed. (apparently in an impartial test, 52% of users preferred Bing) I played around with today to figure out which […]

Yahoo! Gets a New Look

With the recent news that Google’s market share has yet again increased, Yahoo! and Bing seem to be making an attempt to fight back but the large question remains, will it ever be enough?? Yahoo! revealed a new look this week, the first redesign in four years. Trying to make search a little more personal […]

“I don’t know – Let’s Bing it….?”

Have you ever questioned who the search engine giant is? Is it Google, Bing or is it Yahoo? It should be obvious, but Yahoo was once the biggest name in the world of search. Comscore released some info earlier this year stating that for the first time ever, Bing overtook Yahoo in it’s search. Of […]