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This Week in Google: Manual Actions for Spammy Rich Snippets and No-follow Google+ Links

Well, technically it’s only Wednesday so who knows what the rest of the week could hold but so far we’ve seen a couple of new changes from Google. Both have some interesting implications for SEO and already the world of internet marketing has been abuzz with accusations of mixed messages from Google. Manual Actions for […]

Greed – Black Hat SEO Services

The topic of Black Hat SEO services is probably the one I am most passionate to speak out about and was the original inspiration behind the whole series. If there is one “sin” that I could warn everyone who is just looking into SEO services, it would be not to be tempted by the dark […]

When Hats are More Than Just a Fashion Accessory: Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO

As is with many things in life, there is a right way and a wrong way to go about doing things. This also applies in the world of SEO! Back in the olden days, people would come up with tricky ways to fool Google into ranking them on their search engine. Placing white text on […]