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Using Google Analytics to Develop Personas

Tracking visits and measuring increases in traffic, referrals, or conversions can be a testament to the success stories behind your digital marketing campaign. But even if webmasters see increases in web traffic and influxes of visits, these metrics still explain only part of the story that comprises your digital marketing strategy. While SEOs and social […]

SEO: More Vital Now than Ever

Whelp, here we go again. With Google encrypting more search data, more keywords are being reported as “not provided” in Analytics. Cue the familiar chant of “SEO is dead!” from bloggers across the internet. Sound familiar? If it does, it’s because we heard the exact same sentiment after Google’s last Panda update. A slew of […]

Changes in Google’s Data Reporting: 4 Ways to Capture (Not Provided) Keywords

Co-Written by Richie Laurisen & Jori Stevian  Although Google has made another important change, fear not.  Google’s recent decision to cut off user access to keyword data in Google analytics has created some pretty significant buzz in the SEO world.  Roughly two years after having (not provided) slowly creep into the picture, Google has decided to switch […]

Test Webpages with Google Analytics Content Experiments

Google Analytics recently announced that in addition to providing metrics and reports on site performance, they are now a testing platform with Content Experiments API. The tool enables websites to test site content easily with programmable optimization to achieve objectives in Analytics. In other words, you can test variations of landing pages and see which […]

Get to Know Google Analytics

Did you hear about Google Analytics’ April Fool’s joke last month? (It’s possible that I’m a little late to this party…) Apparently, if you logged into the Real Time report on April 1st, you may have seen that you had visitors to your site, right at that moment, from the international space station control room. […]

The Power of Google Analytics

Did you know, all SEOhaus account managers are certified in Google Analytics!  It’s an interesting test and one that a lot of our competitors offering SEO services don’t test on.  While studying for the certification test, I was reminded just how powerful this tool is. I’ve always been fascinated with the slicing and dicing and […]

GOOOAAALLL! Go Beyond Rankings and Traffic with Goal Tracking

Google Analytics has proven itself to be indispensable in providing tools and reports that monitor website performance. One essential tool is Goal Tracking. Goal Tracking enables the user to measure the true success of SEO—conversions. Although rankings and traffic are important, they ultimately should lead to more conversions, whether those are sales, leads or increased user behavior […]