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Google Webmaster Tools: Exact Search Query Data Revealed for 2014

Yesterday morning, Google announced a new update to Google Webmaster Tools, which allows users to access the exact numbers to their websites’ search query data. The new update, which was activated at the end of December, will continue to roll out in the coming days and will be an universal update present in all Google […]

Don’t Track Me Bro! New Bill Puts the Heat on Online Advertising Networks

We may be seeing more transparency with online advertising networks soon as California Governor Jerry Brown has just signed into law a bill that requires companies to disclose whether or not they abide by Do Not Track provisions. The new bill, also known as AB 370, requires online advertising networks like Google’ AdSense and Facebook’s […]

Google Round Up: Delete Local Listings, Identify Spammy Links & In-Depth Articles Added to SERPs

Google Added Delete Listing Feature to Google Local Google adds a new feature many businesses will appreciate. For a long time, if a listing was old, wrong or had any kinds of issues, the most we could do is suspend that listing. But that red alert was always glaring at us when we were in […]

Google Fiber : An Internet Gamechanger

I think we can all say that Google has solidified its self as a household name for internet searches, and is now the go to verb for looking something up on the web. But when it comes to getting the service that actually allows you to access the web, it is not Google that springs […]

Google Transparency Report

Chances are if you are reading this blog, you are at least somewhat familiar with the internet and related current events. I think it’s pretty safe to assume that most of you are going to know about the NSA spying scandal, or at least that there has been a spying scandal. Of course, at the […]

Google Glass – We are living in the future

Have you ever wanted to analyze the environment around you in precise detail, including determining if the biker that you are thinking about mugging is wearing clothes that would fit you? If so, you have probably seen the Terminator films a few too many times, and will be disappointed to know that that technology is […]

Google’s Market Share Increases

The latest comScore search engine rankings for January 2013 have been recently released and the fight to dethrone Google still continues. In fact, Google increased it’s share of U.S. search queries to 67%, making the task seem that much more impossible. With percentages increasing, it makes one wonder if it’s even worth trying to compete […]