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This Week in Google: Manual Actions for Spammy Rich Snippets and No-follow Google+ Links

Well, technically it’s only Wednesday so who knows what the rest of the week could hold but so far we’ve seen a couple of new changes from Google. Both have some interesting implications for SEO and already the world of internet marketing has been abuzz with accusations of mixed messages from Google. Manual Actions for […]

HTML Improvements with Google Webmaster Tools

It’s no secret that Google Webmaster Tools is something that SEO firms talk about A LOT. And it’s for good reason–GWT offers invaluable insight into the performance of your website, allowing you to assess and fix crawl errors, investigate backlinks to your site and can even tell you if your site has been manually penalized […]

Google Webmaster Tools: Exact Search Query Data Revealed for 2014

Yesterday morning, Google announced a new update to Google Webmaster Tools, which allows users to access the exact numbers to their websites’ search query data. The new update, which was activated at the end of December, will continue to roll out in the coming days and will be an universal update present in all Google […]

SEO through 2013 – Q. What’s New? A. Everything!

2013 was a turbulent year in the world of search to put it mildly. According to Moz’s tally there have been 13 officially acknowledged updates to Google’s algorithms alone and who knows how many more that have happened behind Google’s increasingly closed doors. There was widespread speculation of 2 other unnamed updates in late-July and […]

Track Smartphone Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Google recently announced that there is a new filter within the crawl errors section of Google Webmaster Tools which allows users to track smartphone crawl errors. Many webmasters out there can already attest to the value of the crawl errors tool for fixing broken links on desktop sites. However, with more and more internet users […]

Adventures in Disavowal

Just as SEO can be used to improve a website’s performance on Google, it can also be used for evil, or rather to devalue one’s website. This practice is known as “negative SEO” and it is when a competitor points hundreds or even thousands of poor quality or spam links at a site with the […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 2: Search Queries & Internal Links

As mentioned last week, I will be going through gold mine of site information that is Google Webmaster Tools and how to use it to your advantage. Since we the “Links to Your Site” section, let’s continue with the rest of sub menus that make up the “Search Traffic” section. Search Queries: This is the […]

You’ve Got Mail! (from Google Webmaster Tools)

Look familiar? When you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, there may be messages waiting for you with this ominous-looking warning sign.

Sitemaps and SEO

Whether you’re clicking, surfing, or browsing either the depths of the web or scrolling across any given website, users require a certain amount of mobility as we travel from one page to the next. However, as user experience comes to the forefront of the online community, navigation becomes increasingly critical for users going from page […]

GWT 101

While it sounds like the next big catch-phrase straight from the Jersey Shore, GWT actually stands for Google Webmaster Tools. GWT is the webmaster’s and site owner’s go-to place for important information pertaining to their sites and is considered to be one of the tools that should be utilized to help gain that coveted position […]

10 Google Webmaster Tools that Matter for SEO

Originally, Google Webmaster Tools were pretty much just for the webmasters’ benefit. It has since become a powerful toolset to help increase rankings on Google’s search engine. Over the years, Google has rolled out with more tools than one could expect or imagine. If you hook your website up to Google Webmaster Tools, you’ll learn […]