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10 Link Building Strategies that Still Work Today

After a thousand algorithm updates and refreshes, it’s starting to seem like that there aren’t any link building strategies that you can do without getting slapped by a black and white animal. Sure you can guest blog and get links from website links pages, but what else can you do? Below are 10 strategies that […]

10 Link Building Tools to Check Any Website’s Total Backlinks

Many of you may already know that Backlink Analyzer by SEObook is no longer available. If you used to use this tool to identify a website’s link popularity or backlink profile, you now need an alternative. Here are 10 useful link building tools to help you get over Backlink Analyzer.

How to Avoid Google SEO Penalties: Following JC Penny and Black Hat Search Optimization

The whistle’s been blown on JC Penny, which apparently has a guerrilla SEO team working under management’s radar using classic black hat SEO tactics to maintain their top positions in Google’s search engine results page rankings. On February 13, the New York Times opened up this rather large can of worms with a lengthy article […]