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5 Changes to SERPs via Google’s Knowledge Graph in 2014

Throughout 2014, there have been several changes in the world of SEO — from the always looming algorithm updates that massively affect the way search engine results rank and display, to adjustments to the more dynamic and intelligent features of search engine results pages (SERPs) that we have all come to know and appreciate since […]

Google Emphasizes Value of Mobile SEO

As the use of smartphones to access the internet continues to grow, Google has recently announced that they are taking measures to ensure that mobile-friendly sites provide a quality user experience. If your mobile site isn’t configured correctly, you run the risk of it hurting your rankings on smartphone searches. Google went on to list […]

Enhanced Campaigns – Changes to Google Adwords

The search world was stunned recently when Google announced a major shift in it’s advertising mechanism for how the Adwords platform runs. Just kidding.  Stunned is probably a rushed word, but it did give indication as to where Google sees the future and if you’ve been hiding under a rock, it’s all about Mobile Search.  […]