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3 Reasons to Speed Up Your Website + 6 Tools that Will Help You

1. The Search Engines Demand Faster Websites We hear all this buzz around the web-sphere about having to make your website perform faster for SEO. There has been many tests, speculations, recommendations and even demands to making your website faster for improved search engine rankings. In 2010, the Google Webmaster Central Blog stated this: “You […]

Are You Up to Speed? How Page Speed Affects SEO

I think most of us remember the days of dial-up internet access, when it could take minutes to load a webpage. Thanks to high speed internet, those days are long gone and most websites load in a matter of seconds. However, I’m sure most of us out there still come across the occasional website that […]

Testing the New Google Page Speed Service

Need a company to help implement, evaluate and test the new Google Page Speed Service when it is openly released? Not sure what this new service being offered by Google is? As you might guess, speed is the focus of the new service, and follows right along with the Internet giant’s long-time passion with quickness […]