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Panda 4.0 Gets Technical

For those that have been in the SEO world for a bit, just mentioning the word “update” is enough to cause cold sweat. Having seen the damage previous updates can cause, we know that Google is not one to mess around. When the roll out of Panda 4.0 was announced, there seemed to be a […]

Google Update or Google Dance?

There has been some talk around the web on sites like SEO Roundtable, Google Webmaster Help and Webmasterworld that Google rolled out another update this past weekend. As Google’s Matt Cutts has mentioned, Panda updates are still occurring monthly, over the course of a ten day time period. So was there an update last Friday? […]

Content Remains King

As Jori mentioned last week, the recent Panda update was pretty anti-climatic, in the best way possible. While we are seeing more positive fluctuation than negative, for those seeing bigger dips than normal, there does seem to be a common thread among all. Content, or I should say, the lack there of, seems to continue […]

Google Panda Update #24 – Life A.U. (After Update)

It’s been over a week since Google’s Panda did it’s thang and I don’t really have too much to report which, I promise you, is a good thing! We are seeing some mild fluctuation with keywords, but we are also seeing some keyword ranking improvements. This week has even shown some Page 1 keyword rankings, […]

2012: The Year in Google Updates

2012 has been a wild year for Google and vis-à-vis for SEO companies, as we scrambled to keep up with their numerous updates. Here are some of the highlights: January – Google updates their algorithm to devalue pages with too many ads “above the fold”. February – Panda is updated to screen out more low […]

Google and It’s Many Algorithms

What is an algorithm, you ask? It is a measure for which Google decided to rank (or not rank) websites.  Each algorithm is unique and is updated on a frequent basis. What does this mean for your visibility on the engines? Well firstly, you should find a strong a company such as SEOhaus, to manage […]