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Local SEO tips made simple

Assuming your product or service is of the local variety, people won’t be flying into town solely for the purpose of acquiring it. You supply to a demanding audience within a set geographic area. While that sounds limiting, it’s quite the contrary in the eyes of local search. That is because your service, be it […]

Duplicate Content: The Silent (Rankings) Killer

One of the beauties of being an SEO account manager is that I am constantly observing the search engine health of multiple websites. The advantage of this, over say just someone managing their own, is that I am able to track trends and see bigger patterns with what Google is liking and what it may […]

Disavowing One Day at a Time

Disavow. After almost a year, it remains to be the hot topic in the SEO world, and continues to be the subject of many group discussions/headbangings here at SEOhaus. Jori and Brian have shared their thoughts with the blog world along with many other SEO professionals, but questions seem to remain the same: how does […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 2: Search Queries & Internal Links

As mentioned last week, I will be going through gold mine of site information that is Google Webmaster Tools and how to use it to your advantage. Since we the “Links to Your Site” section, let’s continue with the rest of sub menus that make up the “Search Traffic” section. Search Queries: This is the […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 1: Links Still Count

I often times wonder what it would be like to work at Google. With blog after blog dedicated to its every move, it would have to be amusing to watch as people speculate if and when there were updates and what every little change it makes means. I recently had this thought when the industry […]

2013 Ranking Factors Presentation from MozCon

SEOmoz just had its annual search engine optimization conference to discuss 2013 and future SEO. As always a few of the Moz posse came together to discuss SEO ranking factors and correlations. Here are a few images to display what they discovered/surveyed to be top ranking factors as of today; Here is the MozCon presentation; […]

10 Old School Ranking Factors that are Still Major Factors Today

Search engines change their algorithm and update their index on what seems like a monthly basis. Some updates are so big they affect 2% of all the search results (which is huge, considering the top 10 results of 10 million pages is only 0.000001% ) and some so subtle, no one even even notices. When […]

You’ve Got Mail! (from Google Webmaster Tools)

Look familiar? When you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, there may be messages waiting for you with this ominous-looking warning sign.

Making the Most of Your SEO with Responsive Design

Responsive design. Put it on the list of big things on the SEO horizon you should pay attention to. Like Google +, responsive design is getting a lot of buzz in the internet marketing world but still remains a little unclear as to what it is, let alone how it’s really going to benefit a […]

Facebook’s Graph Search, Making Searches a Little More Personal.

Facebook recently announced the roll-out of its upgraded search tool “Graph Search” which has the technological world abuzz with the possibilities it will bring. Currently in beta, the new tool will take searching from the basics of just being able to find a single person or business to a new level of finding people based […]

Don’t be Content with Duplicate Content.

Content is crucial in order to achieve good search engine rankings. One particular problem that hurts rankings is duplicate content. Duplicate content is when a website has two or more pages that share the same content. Creating pages with URLs that lead to the same content is often unintentional, especially on large sites. Google agrees […]

Anchors Away! Anchor Text and Its Effect on SEO

As the search engine behemoth Google continues to refine its approach to evaluating sites, many developers are left in the dark about the strategies, penalties, and criteria being employed to rank websites. With user experience becoming an increasingly more salient method for assessing a web page’s value, relevance, or popularity, Google continues to re-structure its […]