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Content Remains King

As Jori mentioned last week, the recent Panda update was pretty anti-climatic, in the best way possible. While we are seeing more positive fluctuation than negative, for those seeing bigger dips than normal, there does seem to be a common thread among all. Content, or I should say, the lack there of, seems to continue […]

If Content Is King, what should I write about?

If you’re a marketeer, you’ve no doubt seen the hundreds of articles this year stating that content, content, content is the way to go for 2013. We’ve talked about content before, many a time actually.  Here, here and here.  So, you know that moment where someone says, ‘We told you so!’  Well, we told you […]

Your SEO Campaign A.D.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your SEO efforts when you cease services with an SEO company? Well, I certainly can’t speak for other SEO companies; however I CAN speak for SEOhaus. I have been asked if we reverse any of the work that we have done. I have been asked if we delete […]