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How Images Can Help Your SEO Campaign

There are many ways to increase traffic and generate page one rankings for your SEO campaign. If you are a photographer, or sell a lot of things with images as well as content, image optimization is a great way to help new clients find your site through image searches. Anyone with an image-heavy website can benefit […]

Improve Your SEO Campaign – Your Backlinks

Have a healthy backlink profile Checking the backlink profile of a client / potential client should be standard practice right now. We are no longer solely focusing on the number of backlinks that are there, but also on the ratio of positive vs. damaging. Unfortunately, the best way to get this sorted is to use […]

7 Reasons Why Niche Directories Can Still Benefit Your Search Efforts

Some may argue that niche directory submissions are not a legitimate strategy when it comes to link building. Some may even go as far to say they are useless because Google is actively working towards eliminating submission-based links from being counted in your backlink profile. However, niche directories can still play an important role in […]