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10 Low Hanging Fixes (Fruits) for a Quick Boost in Rankings

Below are some quick fixes you can make to your website that will result in an instant increase in rankings. Please bare in mind, there are additional obvious fixes that you won’t find on this list (IE:Increase Page Speed, Get Links from Authority Bloggers, Submit to such & such, etc), because this list is dedicated […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 2: Search Queries & Internal Links

As mentioned last week, I will be going through gold mine of site information that is Google Webmaster Tools and how to use it to your advantage. Since we the “Links to Your Site” section, let’s continue with the rest of sub menus that make up the “Search Traffic” section. Search Queries: This is the […]

What is Social Bookmarking?

When talking about SEO and search engine marketing, the term “social bookmarking” gets bandied about a lot. So what exactly is social bookmarking and how can it help your site rank better on Google? Social bookmarking has been around since the 90s and is an online service that allows users to create, edit and share […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 1: Links Still Count

I often times wonder what it would be like to work at Google. With blog after blog dedicated to its every move, it would have to be amusing to watch as people speculate if and when there were updates and what every little change it makes means. I recently had this thought when the industry […]

Using Expandable Menus for Content

I recently had a web developer ask if using expandable menus to “hide” text on a webpage was an acceptable practice. In this particular case, their client felt that a big block of content on the landing page took away from the visual appeal of that page and a compromise was reached with the developer […]

Competing with the Locals: How to Optimize Your Online Business

As local business starts to dominate Page 1 of Google, optimizing for local search results has quickly become the new hot topic in internet marketing. While the brick and mortars may feel like they have finally caught a break, this new trend can have online retailers feeling a little left out. How does one compete […]

Google Local Listings Get Personal

It’s become increasingly apparent that Google is placing more value in the local business, as we have watched the local listings take up more and more space on Page 1. At this point, it should be a no brainier that if you have a local business, you should be setting it up on Google Places […]

Optimizing Heading Tags for SEO

Heading tags describe headings and subheadings that appear in your webpage’s content. Basically, they are used to describe a page’s main topics. You can use heading tags to help outline your content for a specific page. Heading tags are important to SEO and website marketing because search engines use them for categorization. As such, they […]

Search Engines Get More Personal – How Google Works to Answer Your Questions

The other day I was in my kitchen, cooking breakfast, when I realized the eggs were a day or so past the expiration date on the box. Wanting to know if they were still edible, I typed the following into Google: “How do I tell if an—“ Before I could continue, the auto-complete search suggestions […]

The Small Business’s Secret to Page 1 : Local Listing Optimization

In my most recent post, I discussed the recent changes Google is placing on it’s search results when it comes to local business. A recent study done by Google showed numbers that could not ignore. 84% of every day searches are for local business. As a company that places user experience as a top factor in getting […]

Local Business Favored In Google Update

Listen up business owners, because Google is at it again. They have recently (and quietly) rolled out another update that continues to give the power back to the local business by giving them top priority in rankings when it comes to local search terms.  While not necessarily a game changer for some, it should make […]

Are You Up to Speed? How Page Speed Affects SEO

I think most of us remember the days of dial-up internet access, when it could take minutes to load a webpage. Thanks to high speed internet, those days are long gone and most websites load in a matter of seconds. However, I’m sure most of us out there still come across the occasional website that […]