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Five of Our Favorite Free Marketing Tools

If you’ve taken the time to peruse our blog, you will notice that we take a very transparent approach to the way that we share our tricks and tips on the SEO industry. It is extremely important to us that we help to educate our customers so they have a full understanding of the measures […]

Duplicate Content: The Silent (Rankings) Killer

One of the beauties of being an SEO account manager is that I am constantly observing the search engine health of multiple websites. The advantage of this, over say just someone managing their own, is that I am able to track trends and see bigger patterns with what Google is liking and what it may […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 2: Search Queries & Internal Links

As mentioned last week, I will be going through gold mine of site information that is Google Webmaster Tools and how to use it to your advantage. Since we the “Links to Your Site” section, let’s continue with the rest of sub menus that make up the “Search Traffic” section. Search Queries: This is the […]

Google Webmaster Tools Part 1: Links Still Count

I often times wonder what it would be like to work at Google. With blog after blog dedicated to its every move, it would have to be amusing to watch as people speculate if and when there were updates and what every little change it makes means. I recently had this thought when the industry […]

Who’s Linking to Your Site?

Majestic SEO announced yesterday on their blog that they are making their Site Explorer tool free for verified domains. If you’ve never used Majestic SEO before, their Site Explorer tool offers a quick and easy way for websites to view the backlinks to their site and assess the value of those links. Backlinks, as you […]

You’ve Got Mail! (from Google Webmaster Tools)

Look familiar? When you log into your Google Webmaster Tools account, there may be messages waiting for you with this ominous-looking warning sign.

SEO Software – A Quick Guide

A cursory search on Google for “SEO software” brings up countless results. Many of these websites offer services that promise “guaranteed top 10 rankings on Google”. SEO neophytes must approach such claims with caution. While top 10 rankings on Google are far from unachievable, one must keep in mind how competitive a particular keyword is […]

GWT 101

While it sounds like the next big catch-phrase straight from the Jersey Shore, GWT actually stands for Google Webmaster Tools. GWT is the webmaster’s and site owner’s go-to place for important information pertaining to their sites and is considered to be one of the tools that should be utilized to help gain that coveted position […]

We’ve Updated Our SEO Tools Page

We’ve added more tools to our SEO Tools page. We also replaced old, broken tools ones with new or more advanced ones. If you work in the search engine marketing field, you can appreciate a page dedicated to all the tools you need. There’s link building tools, SEO analysis tools, domain registry tools, and more. […]

10 Link Building Tools to Check Any Website’s Total Backlinks

Many of you may already know that Backlink Analyzer by SEObook is no longer available. If you used to use this tool to identify a website’s link popularity or backlink profile, you now need an alternative. Here are 10 useful link building tools to help you get over Backlink Analyzer.