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Social Media Important to SEO Now More than Ever

I know I’ve tooted this horn before in a previous blog, but a recent study by Ascent2 has demonstrated that 50% of companies who are having a tough time with SEO are not integrating social media with their SEO strategy, as illustrated in the handy-dandy chart below: So why doesn’t everyone do it? In my […]

Don’t be Anti-Social (Media)

The importance of social media is no secret in SEO. Social Media offers a great way to share information which users can in turn share which helps build your following organically. Taking the time to set up your social media profiles is well worth the time. Once set up, you can add buttons to your […]

20+ Social Networking Tips

Social media is paving the way for the future of online marketing and search. Most new sites we find are a result of social media. All the major search engines (especially Google) are using major social media sites to help them identify what everybody is interested in. Years ago, whoever had the most links, won. […]