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How Do You Know Keywords Are Still Related to Search Traffic?

So as you know from our blog post earlier in the week, rumor has it that Google is going to make an effort to change what we can see in our beloved Google Analytics. In Jori and Richie’s newest blog about (Not Provided) Keywords, we learned that Google will no longer be giving us information […]

The Power of Google Analytics

Did you know, all SEOhaus account managers are certified in Google Analytics!  It’s an interesting test and one that a lot of our competitors offering SEO services don’t test on.  While studying for the certification test, I was reminded just how powerful this tool is. I’ve always been fascinated with the slicing and dicing and […]

Website Traffic Seasonality & You

While Santa may bring many gifts this time of year, website traffic is not one for many industries. Before you sound the alarm, and call in the troops because your website traffic has taken a jump into the abyss, take a moment to read this. Should you be alarmed? Let’s start at the beginning. Do […]