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Yahoo: The Underdog of Search

We all love a good underdog story. The geeky girl takes off her glasses and become prom queen. The team that seemingly had no shot comes back to win it all.  The inner nerd in all of us can’t get enough of seeing the impossible become possible. These tales aren’t just limited to high schools […]

Yahoo! Gets a New Look

With the recent news that Google’s market share has yet again increased, Yahoo! and Bing seem to be making an attempt to fight back but the large question remains, will it ever be enough?? Yahoo! revealed a new look this week, the first redesign in four years. Trying to make search a little more personal […]

“I don’t know – Let’s Bing it….?”

Have you ever questioned who the search engine giant is? Is it Google, Bing or is it Yahoo? It should be obvious, but Yahoo was once the biggest name in the world of search. Comscore released some info earlier this year stating that for the first time ever, Bing overtook Yahoo in it’s search. Of […]