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How to Link YouTube with Google Plus

Every day, businesses are turning to YouTube channels as another tool in their social media marketing belt. Videos uploaded by businesses to YouTube can be instructional, advertisements… or, you know, this: Not only is this a great way to raise brand awareness and brand recognition, but there is always the potential for a video to […]

20 Steps to Making the Most of Your YouTube Videos

If you have videos that you are trying to promote on YouTube, there are a variety of routes you can take to get the most views and shares. You can buy ads within other videos, advertise as a promoted video, embed on popular sites, and more. But this post is assuming you want to go […]

20+ Social Networking Tips

Social media is paving the way for the future of online marketing and search. Most new sites we find are a result of social media. All the major search engines (especially Google) are using major social media sites to help them identify what everybody is interested in. Years ago, whoever had the most links, won. […]