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Testing the New Google Page Speed Service

August 2, 2011

Need a company to help implement, evaluate and test the new Google Page Speed Service when it is openly released? Not sure what this new service being offered by Google is? As you might guess, speed is the focus of the new service, and follows right along with the Internet giant’s long-time passion with quickness and improvements of the Web.

This new Page Speed Service is designed to help speed up the Internet, and although the company has made some pretty bold moves in the past regarding changes, improvements etc., this is considered to be one of their most aggressive. Before you decide to have Web experts help you with testing the service with your website, you need to know how the Google’s Page Speed Service works.

What is Google’s Page Speed Service?

When someone signs up and points his or her website’s DNS entry to Google, they will activate a tool which is supposed to fetch your content from your servers, re-write the site’s Web pages and dish them out from the servers of Google.

Users are going to be able to access their websites exactly as they always have; the only noticeable difference in this term is the load times are going to be faster. Google has stated that applying the Page Speed Service is going to boost load speed by as much as 60%. Not sure if this is something that sounds right for you? Not to worry- Google is allowing webmasters to try it out before they are asked to commit to the service. But what about caching, zipping resources, images and CSS? Your worries about taking care of these facets of your site will be over.

The Buzz about Page Speed Service

While there may be some people who find relinquishing control over concatenating CSS, caching, resource managing and image compressing a little unnerving, along with the ability to re-write pages any time they see fit, most people do think that if Google can really deliver the results they say they can it would all be worth giving up in trade.

So what is the current status of Google’s Page Speed Service? It is being offered free of charge to a limited set of people who are testing it at the moment, and although eventually it will be offered openly with a fee, the fee for the service is said to be competitive.

Professionals to help you Test the Page Speed Service

If the Google Page Speed Service sounds like something you might be interested in, SEOhaus is a search engine optimization firm and Internet marketing company out of San Diego that is able to assist clients with this testing and implementation. The experts at the firm can be contacted for further information by visiting the SEOhaus website: