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Things New SEOs Won’t Understand In 10 Years

February 29, 2016


It became painfully clear to me recently that I am getting older. Older than I’d ever like to be. After a terrifying talk with my 13 year old cousin, who has never heard of such things like a floppy disk, overhead projector, or pogs, I came to realize that times change. This being said, I began to wonder what SEO gems will be forgotten in the future generation of SEOs.

Responsive & Adaptive Web Design

For those creating a website, one of the first decisions that must be made is whether to have an adaptive or responsive web design. Most people don’t know the difference. So, what is responsive design? RD is a website designed to adjust to any screen size and resolution. Due to this, adaptive web design is slowly heading out the window. What is adaptive web design? Adaptive web design that adapts to a screen size based on a piece of Java coding that dictates the layout. Now why do I say both will be gone in 10 years? Well, with technology heading towards the mobile world, eventually the adaptive design will be too complicated to maintain compared to the responsive design layouts. So at this rate in ten years, with adaptive design being gone, all web design will be responsive web design. Do people in China call their food “Chinese food”? You get my point.

Link Farming

Link farming is slowly becoming a thing of the past thanks to Googles search Algorithms. What is link farming, asks the innocently naïve SEOs of the future? Link farming is a group of sites that link to every other site in the group. This was used by companies to quickly and easily make tons of links for websites to increase page rank. With the internet becoming more and more sophisticated, Google eventually decided enough was enough of these low-quality links. While some still pop up here and there, Google is pretty quick to lay down the iron fist.

What Internet Explorer Is

How many of you remember AOL? Exactly. The familiar tone of the dial up modem. The ear-bleeding screech when you pick up the phone without knowing someone is online. Yes, the good ol’ days of AOL have come and gone, and it looks like Internet Explorer is heading that same direction. It’s hard to believe that we suffered through 11 different versions of Internet Exploder, but at long last, with mysterious disappearance of Windows 9, Microsoft announces that they will be launching a replacement for IE with the release of Windows 10. The new browser codenamed “Spartan” plans on kicking IE down the never ending whole of history 300 style.


300 – Warner Brothers Studios

Google Plus

When Google launched Google Plus in 2011, they were only 7 years behind the social media bandwagon that is Facebook. Google Plus tried many things to be new and different from Facebook, such as…circles. That’s right, circles. The ability to organize your friends into circles to help you keep all 5 friends that were actually using Google Plus organized. It wasn’t until SEOs realized that links in G+ actually held more weight than other social media sources that G+ actually took off. That was the good year of Google Plus. Quickly after, Google’s Matt Cutts (who SEOs might not know in 10 years. BONUS FACT!) announced that Google Plus actually does not have any more weight than a normal social link. From that point forward, Google Plus slowly went downhill. While it is still hanging on for dear life now, there have been several rumors that Google will eventually get rid of Google Plus ol’ yeller style.


Tropic Thunder – Dreamworks SKG   

Yes, things are changing. A new tide is rolling in. The sun is setting on this day. Insert whatever metaphors you would like, the hard truth is. At some point, you will be talking to a new bright eyed SEO fresh on the job, and he will say something to make you feel really…really old.