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Title Tags for Local Search. W00T!

October 23, 2010

We all know the point of local search.  Its easier to get on the top for local results then it is for the broad key terms.  Not only that but many time clients and customers will be looking for a local business because they would rather support the local community.  I have a few clients from my local area who love to meet in person, grab lunch, all that. 

Lets get you visible:

I get it, you have a localized service business and you need to optimize your “Home Page” or “About Us Page” using local keywords like your city, state, zip code, etc.  The page you have should use city related keywords like “San Diego Cosmetic Dentist” which has one of my customers on the 1st page:)  

Example of a current Title Tag: Cosmetic Dentist Offering Invisalign

Example of new Title Tag: San Diego CA Cosmetic Dentist Offering Invisalign

By inserting the San Diego CA into the tag of the page it gives you the start for moving around for your own city terms, this helps encourage local traffic and visitors to visit the site in the geographic area.

The next step is getting localized links.  I would try for Link building with local chamber of commerce websites and associations in your area.  Use the anchor text and point the link to the optimized page.

As always, this isn’t over night but give it a shot and GET IT!